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Scott Davis Hollywood, Maryland
Dude, been a while since we have 
talked.  Since the BLIII.  Hope all is 
going well.  Talked with Don Sills on 
the Mason Dixon 20/20, your name came 
up.  Hope Eddie runs the BL next 
year.  Im going to sign up if he does.
2005-06-01 19:43:19
joseph tropeano boston
looking forward to the ride on june 11
2005-06-01 17:54:27
lewis Whitten Broken Bow, Ok.
I visited with you and the 49 state
riders  at Idabel. Hope you made it home
ok. I sent you a news paper from the
Holiday Inn. Hope all the group is safe.
Enjoyed the web site.   Lewis Whitten
03FF Classic  WWW.Pinetree Cabin. Com  
 Broken Bow, Okla.
2005-05-25 20:09:59
Mike Gately Houston,Texas
Need some help on how to register for 
the 2005 Regional SS1000 in Houston on 
June 11-12th. A buddy and I want to do 
it but I'm not sure on how you go about 
getting pre-registered. Could you help?
2005-05-13 13:13:23
Bob Armbruster Silver Spring,Md
Jason, Nice site. As I get more and 
more into the longer rides I look for 
how other folks do it. I really like 
your accounts of past rides and 
experiences. Thanx
2005-05-03 07:36:23
Jim Culp Johnson City, TN
Great web site!:)
2005-04-12 19:07:36
Tim Terrell Louisville, ky
Cool site Jason, it was good seeing you 
at Corbin (Sonny's)...Hope to see you 
soon. (Bob Moore's riding buddy if my 
name doesn't ring a bell)
2005-04-11 19:07:49
Adeline fayetteville
When i get bored i Google peoples 
names to see what pops up if anything. 
and i have a friend here whose name is 
Jason Jonas. And well your site popped 
up....def a cool site.
2005-04-07 08:28:51
Jon Walker jwalker@macnexus.org
bought an '03 RT and can't wait to get it on 
the road.  Any early tips, or bike traits would 
be apprecieted.  So much asphalt not 
enough time.  
2005-02-14 19:45:46
Alan Rowe Estill Springs TN
I have a FJR1300abs and love it. 
Middle TN,East TN,N GA ,& Western NC 
have the best rides avialable anywhere 
in the US. Call when in my area you 
have my card from I-24 exit 89 pit 
stop to Groveland FL.
2005-02-09 04:28:16
Elana Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Wow, I was looking for a singer named 
Jonas and stumbled onto your site, and 
it made me remember my trip on the back 
of a Virago 1000 (with the tent tied to 
the front forks and the sleeping bags 
as my arm rests)across Canada and back 
through the states many years ago. Your 
pictures are awesome. Keep riding!
2005-02-03 06:18:47
Patrick Whitham Flower Mound, TX
Great site! I love the landscape 
photos, they're fantastic. Nice to know 
our old drummer is doing well and 
taking life by the horns...or 
handlebars! Enjoy yo'self, homey.
2005-02-03 04:59:09
Carlos Tirado Phladelphia, PA
Hey Jason!  Bob told me about your site 
and here I am knocking at the door.  
Hope you're well..and riding.  Gilda 
sends a warm hello.  Happy 2005.  
2005-01-09 12:34:06
Lance Youts Dallas, TX
Jason, what's the deal?  Did you take 
2004 off?   Hope this note finds you 
well.  Happy New Year.
2004-12-30 06:37:07
Dennis Powell Webster City, Iowa
Nice site You are very helpfull to  
everyone on MTF. I am new to 
computers.I Find new things every 
day.A Big Thanks.. IOWAONE 
2004-12-14 14:38:18
Bill Hughes Houston, TX
Very cool web site. I see you often on 
MC Touring Forum. My delphi screen name 
is Sideways. I hope to meet up with you 
at one of their functions someday.
2004-11-30 05:28:51
Dawn Plano
Fine time to have your politics page 
under construction! ;)
2004-10-21 09:53:48
jimmy rexrode georgia
man, how I wish that I had 2 wks 
cleared on the calendar and enough 
money in my pocket to just take off in 
any direction I wanted and not come 
home til I had to.  what a joyful 
solitude that would be.
'02 Yamaha FZ1, stealth black
2004-10-21 06:50:06
atom atomichiperformancecoatings@yaho
this is the correct spelling brother
2004-10-13 14:19:02
atom atomichihgperformancecoatings@ya
Jason Thisis my email
2004-10-13 14:17:41

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