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Rick Martin Pontiac, IL.
Finally got around to reading 
the whole write-up. Great 
story! Just a little more 
route info on the right coast 
might be of help???? Maybe!
See you later. Ride safe.
2003-12-10 20:49:08
Gerald Roberts Ashdown,Ar.
We met at Jacksonville in 
March and again at Kenn 
Clarks BBQ.
2003-12-07 17:12:40
Curt Summers Cow Town South of The Red River
Jason,Just wanted to let you 
know I am one large step 
closer to Pruedoe Bay.I 
bought a Dakar yesterday.It 
is in High Point N.C. 20 
miles from Kenn's.He picked 
it up for me,And I will be 
flying out to get it in a 
couple of weeks.That ought
2003-12-06 04:12:24
Kerry Willey Hopedale, IL
Nice write ups. Great 
pictures in Alaska. Glad to 
have met you on the '03IBR, 
in Leadville, CO and at 
Donahue's.  Got a job yet?
kw '99 Venture/ orange helmet
2003-12-04 11:31:21
Jim Parish Dallas, Tejas
Jason, you know I'm jealous 
don't you. Get that Wing yet?
2003-12-02 11:56:11
Darrell Pate Irving, TX.
Great Job.
I really enjoy the ride 
2003-11-25 22:55:46
Larry Lyday (StreakNDeacon) Lees Summit, MO
Thanks for sharing!
2003-11-25 11:39:42
Bob Carkeek (keekrac) Covington, WA
Nice site.  Enjoyed it even 
before the change.
2003-11-23 18:09:01
Mike Judnic, cycledude Rib Lake Wi.
Great job on your website, 
you have great writing 
skills. thanks for sharing!
2003-11-23 16:59:27
David Shealey San Diego
Glad to know you Jason.  Hope 
to see you again soon on some 
2003-11-23 16:18:33
Mikil Knight (Grumpy) St Louis, MO
Thanks for taking the time 
and energy.  See you on the 
2003-11-23 13:22:20
Stan Howes dunno...I'm lost
Jason I'm so envious.  You 
seem to know what you're 
doing here.  Great webpage!
2003-11-23 02:26:25
Tony Galloway (Tbear) Benton, KY
Looks good!
2003-11-22 22:55:23
Art Garvin Canton, OH
Very nice!
2003-11-22 21:17:07
Don Spero (Oreps) Chester, Virginia
Congrats! You're a WORLD of
information ... Thanks!
2003-11-22 20:22:18
Neil Dolson (Dylien) GWN (Ontario, Canada)
thanks for sharen yourself 
with us jason.  loken forward 
to seeing you again.
2003-11-22 19:38:03
Jeff Barnhill (KB5SAR) Bastrop Louisiana
Great site. I hope you're 
able to keep it going. Great 
pictures. I'm still fairly 
new to digital photography. 
At least I can save the 
pictures to CD, and not worry 
about another flood ruining 
2003-11-22 11:23:48
Bret Buswell (Buzzy) Trenton,MO.
Great site got some great 
music there.see ya on the 
road sometime.
2003-11-22 08:49:34
Dave Rybak (Dave R) Augusta, WI
Been fun following all your 
adventures...Hope to see you 
on the road again...There 
better be some Willie in the 
music section...
2003-11-22 07:49:20
Wes Symnds Winnebago, IL
I wish I had you abilities. I 
enjoy your ride reports and I 
like the web site.
2003-11-22 07:22:47

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