4 aaronandstaci2008 Back to Back SaddleSore

Story by: Aaron and Staci Dearth

I have been with Hoagy and crew religiously as possible for the last two years, and I am at a dilemma on where to begin. I have been searching my mind on which ride over the last two years would be the ultimate one to tell the greatest story. I cannot choose they all have been perfect.

From the first ride my wife and I rode in 2007 Ohio Dusk to Dawn, where neither of us had done anything like this before and cruised Ohio to figure out we loved it.

To the 2007 Saddle-sore 1000 where we put ourselves to the test, messed with our credit card companies mind because they could not figure out how our card was used in five states in 14 hours, blew both of our families mind on why anyone would want to do this, and from that day foreword we are both permanently hooked.

The 2008 Ohio Dusk to Dawn 500 where the rain poured but smiles were still on faces.
The 2008 Pennsylvania 1000, my god what an awesome ride, where the last 500 hundred smiles graced by Greg from Florida was outstanding and made another great friend, and a great lead man.

2008 Back to Back Saddle-sore, longest one for me yet, and one of the greatest days of my entire life. Unfortunately my wife could not make this journey. I took a nap in the afternoon, woke packed my things and headed for the start point in Morristown Ohio. Met with Hoagy and crew, filled out the necessary paperwork, and the adrenaline started to pump. Ready to go. How will the weather be? Don’t care! Is my bike in perfect condition? Checked it ten times quit worrying. Got enough food? Yep, could stand to miss a meal anyway. Got enough water? Enough to last a week let alone 48 hours. Lets go, met Harve a newcomer to our family and decided to start the ride together, said the group prayer, and puttem in the wind. Second gas stop into the adventure Harve not having the luxury of sleeping half the day as I, decided it was time for a nap and we parted ways. I hadn't rode far until I seen a motorcycle parked in the median strip. I pulled up to see if the fellow biker was broke down, lost, etc. As soon as I had stopped I heard the muffled words from under a helmet say, are you on Hoagy's run? Starting another new friendship, I had just met Keith from Florida. (Don’t know what it is with me and runnin with bikers from Florida, but both of them have etched history in my mind that I will never forget). Keith and myself spent the next 1000 + miles getting to know each other, and keeping one another company. I pride myself on being an easy going biker, you want to ride fast we'll go fast, slower we'll go slower, need a minute when we stop take it, just not two. I must say that Keith and myself strategically rode the first 1500 into one of the best rides of my life. When we hit Marysville we decided it was time for a break found a hotel, and was greeted by the voice of Carolyn on the voice mail of our cell phones letting us know the location of Hoagy, and were to meet the next morning so we could all bring it in as a group. After a quick look at the weather channel, and much needed rest we were off to meet up with the rest of the gang in the morning. We met, talked about our adventures, and into the wind we went. As the ride come to an end I look down the highway at all of us thinking what a family, what a great time, I've made it again, I hate that it is over.

As we arrive back at the Irish Pub, I begin to wonder what 2009 will bring. God willing I will ride all of Hoagy's events again. As Harve pulls up the last rider checking in from our group, Hoagy talks with him of his adventure, and explains we are not just a motorcycle group we are a motorcycle family. Motorcycle family! Yes! One of the greatest ones I look forward to spending many, many, smiles with in years to come. No matter where we ride, or what groups we join Hoagy's family will be the greatest we have ever had the pleasure to be a part of

For those of you that think we are nuts. Don’t knock it until you have tried it, and I invite you come put some miles on your bike with our family, I guarantee you will love every mile, have the time of your life, and create memories you will never forget.
Keep it on two wheels.