2009 50CC Coast to Coast
Story by: Wade Moorefield

I arrived in San Diego after a long ride from Jacksonville, Florida with many stops and detours. I left Jacksonville on the 2nd of September with 8 days to kill and visit friends having until the 9th to arrive. I found myself 2,400 miles from home arriving at a hotel knowing no one. How did I ever get in to this? It all started with the click of the mouse. On the IBA site I noticed a ride that said Hoagy's Heros 50CC ride from San Diego to Jacksonville. Being the curious person that I am, I clicked the button and the next day I get an e-mail from some guy named Hoagy that acted as though he had known me all his life. This guy e-mailed, called and continually followed up to ensure I had all the info I needed to try my first 50CC. It was also going to be his last. Hoagy has done a 50CC ride among other IBA rides and gets people and businesses to sponsor him and his fellow riders in an effort to raise money for children's charities.

As I arrived in San Diego on the 9th of September at the hotel and I'm approached by this fellow who introduces himself as Hoagy. Within 10 minutes I'm introduced to 9 new friends and riding companions. The next morning 2 more riders joined us. These 2 riders were in the middle of a 100CCC that in started in Jacksonville. A BMW1200RT and FJR1300 rider had just completed the first leg of the 100CCC with plenty of time to spare. They also had stories to tell, like stopping on the side of the road with a slight slope on the right shoulder. You guessed it, the bike fell over to the right and the rider was too tired to pick it up. Fortunately a car came along and the driver helped him get it up on the side stand. After a rest the rider was able to continue.

At 8pm PST all 11 of us departed the San Diego beach area after completing lots of paperwork. That time was chosen to help lessen the heat issue once over the mountain range and into the CA, AZ, and NM desert areas. Recently, daytime highs had been reaching about 115 degrees. At midnight it was 99 degrees, enough said. Everyone quickly settled in to a good "conservative" cruising speed while watching carefully for animals. At sunrise near EL Paso I decided to pick up the pace a bit as I was also doing a BBG 1500 on the way back to Jacksonville. I let those with CB's know of my intention so they would not feel they had to push harder also. I was also using an aux tank that gave me a 300 mile range on the Wing. Once I reached San Antonio just before rush hour the rain started. It would rain for the next 1000 miles off and on, often with severe downpours. I got to Orange, TX and got my gas receipt for completion of the BBG 1500 with a few hours to spare. I felt good and thought of continuing on a while longer, but the weather had other ideas. I phoned Greg Partridge on his blue tooth cell who was in the group somewhere behind me. I found out the group had split up. Greg was only about 2 hours behind me and actually completed a BBG 1500 also. The main group had gotten stopped by a bad traffic accident that closed the interstate. They were stuck for 2 plus hours sitting in the rain on the highway. That must have really sucked! Those in that group trying for a BBG were not going to make it due to the accident. Greg and I got a room and later the other riders started showing up. It seems most everyone had lanned on Orange, TX as the stop over. The next morning saw, uh more rain. We waited until daylight to depart for better visibility. With only 800 miles to go and plenty of time there was no reason to push the safety margins. The entire group arrived in Jacksonville within a couple of hours of each other having safely completed the ride. The rides completed were two 100CCC's, eight 50CC's four BBG 1500's and possibly a couple of BB 1500's. After gas receipts it was off to the hotel for the completion paperwork and a few refreshments.

Hoagy put on a terrific event. The ride was safe and well organized. Raising money for children's charities makes it even better. Thanks to all my new riding partners for helping me accomplish this ride.

Wade Moorefield
IBA 30258