On July 10, Hoagy Carmichael and I were forced to stop in the middle of our 48-state, 21-day
bucket list ride when Hoagy’s 2011 H-D Road Glide died at a gas station, to wit: the throttle
wouldn’t work. Once it was towed to your service department, Doug Rautio, Rick Wall, and
Niles Ferguson went right to work.

After thirty hours of diagnostics, breaking only for sleep and sustenance, they found a way to
shift parts between several motorcycles and get Hoagy’s bike up and running again. I was
extremely impressed by their dedication and, especially, their ability to remain calm and
focused in the face of repeated issues throughout the assessment and trial phases of the repair.
While the process was underway, both of you repeatedly made sure that we were fed and
comfortable; made us feel “at home.” In our experience, management doesn’t usually get
involved with out-of-towners in for repairs. We appreciated your concern!

Please make sure that Doug, Rick, and Niles are made aware of our gratitude for their sincere
efforts on our behalf.

With Great Appreciation,

Michael Mendell